What are the Most Common Kinds of Window Tint Films?

What are the Most Common Kinds of Window Tint Films

Window tinting is a fantastic way to increase privacy and reduce heat damage in cars, vans, trucks, motorhomes, buses, and boats; it not only shields your car from possible thefts but also reduces interior temperature by blocking UV rays that cause sunburns on human skin. If you have any type of vehicle, home, or property with a window then this would be worth considering.

Window film comes in many different types, here we will cover the most common kinds of window tint films.

1. Dyed Window Tint Film

When you’re looking for a window film that will provide increased privacy and stop lights from entering your vehicle or building, this is the most affordable choice. Made by applying dye layers on top of each other with an adhesive base product (like vinyl), it appears opaque when outside but transparent inside because particles reflect away some rays while allowing others through–a lot like how our skin works. However, this film won’t last forever so do take care when removing bubbles or smudges with cleaners such as glass cleaner; if they get into gaps between layers then there may not be enough protection against heat loss.

2. Metalized Window Tint Film

Metalized window tinting film uses tiny metallic particles to reflect the sunlight away from a window and it reduces light, heat penetration better than dyed films. It also has been shown to be scratch resistant over time because of its metal content; this makes it less prone to fading in color compared with dye-based plastic treatments that turn brown after prolonged exposure such as those used on car windows or sunglasses lenses (although not all types). The shiny exterior appearance is due mainly to how well these surfaces deflect solar radiation back into space without letting any enter through them – which means fewer potential problems like glare when driving at night.

3. Carbon Window Tinting Film

Carbon window tint film contains no metal and so, unlike its metallic cousin. It has a matte finish when viewed from the outside which can be appealing if this effect is preferred to more of a shinier look or feel for your car’s windows. This type blocking up 40% infrared radiation reducing any damage done by sunlight on your furniture inside as well as carpets in buildings around it! Carbon Window Tint also reduces heat penetration increasing privacy while still being able enough not to fade quickly as other types might due to direct exposure.

4. Ceramic Window Tinting Film

The most expensive and probably the highest functioning window tinting film is ceramics. This new type of protection for your car can block up to 50% of infrared radiation, reducing heat penetration while blocking 99% ultraviolet light which causes skin damage (such as sunburns). The ceramic particles in these films do not conduct electricity so it does not interfere with signals from sensors or other electronic devices inside a vehicle– making them an excellent choice if you want good visibility during both day-time driving or night time happenings on roads outside.

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